How to interact in cam girls group chats

How to interact in cam girls group chats

Just like every other forum, like Facebook, WhatsApp messenger, etc. The camming community also has group chats. Just the regular meet and chat with a little difference depending on the cam site you are visiting and the session you are using. Camming group chats are where you meet members who pay per minute to participate in similar activities just like you. On some sites, the activity won't start unless the stipulated number of participants has been reached. One of the importance of joining the camming group chat is that the payment is shared between all participants.

However, we have several types of chat called different names, depending on the site you are visiting.

How do group chats work? The Dos and Don'ts.

There are some important rules you need to understand group chats, so you don't get kicked out suddenly. You also obviously need to understand the cam girl. Many a time, when you join a group chat, the cam girl gives a perp chat in the form of encouragements to tippers. When she's doing this, you can easily deduce what she likes and, at least, what she needs. Peradventure, she doesn't explain, well, I'll do that just in case.


  • Be Polite

You need not be disrespectful when approaching cam girls in group chats. Understand that they are humans and should be treated accordingly. Courtesy demands when meeting someone for the first time, either online or offline, you need to come politely. Cam girls chat in such a way that speaks freaky and flirty, don't because of this disrespect them or call them names, come online with your manners.

  • Earn her trust

This might sound too clingy, but you need to earn her trust by staying true to excellent etiquette. Cam girls are most wary of scammers; hence, they are always very mindful of new users. Make sure you project yourself as being trustworthy and respectful while sending her tips when necessary. The moment you join the chat, don't start off saying, "Hey, I want some blow jobs, or I need you to suck my balls till I scream glory glory." they are humans, not puppets.

  • Express yourself

While being polite and respectful, you should try as much as possible to express yourself. It's not your business group chat or your house fellowship. It's a sex chat room where you express your kinks and interest. Who knows, she just might find you attractive via mutual interests.


Some acts and subjects are regarded as off-limits and way over the bar. The reason for this stringent principle is to keep spammers and scammers off the chat. For the safety and privacy of all members and performers. Some of the Don'ts include

  • Do not ask for personal information

This is a total turn off. Just because you are approaching her for the first time doesn't mean you should start by asking for her personal information.

  • Don't ask for attention

This is another mistake most newbies make. You need not ask for her attention. If you want her attention, earn it. Cam girls group chat is filled with prospects looking to get her attention, so it's seemingly impossible for her to notice you on the first chat. The only way to get her attention is to be the top tipper in the chat room (send her more than enough tokens). This automatically places you above the attention table.

  • Don't send unsolicited nudes

This might seem funny, but most newbies do this a lot. Cam girls are not sex robots; you need to understand what they want. Don't just send your dick pics on the first contact. Keep your nudes unless she asks for them in the private chats and you, on the other hand, are willing to share.

Tips for not being a j*rk on live cam group chats

1. Say hello the moment you join the group chat. It portrays you as a gentleman (even if you are not). When it's time for you to leave the chat, make it known by simply saying, "bye for now, or Night." This makes you move from acquaintance to mutuals faster.

2. If you are the type that doesn't do tipping, you can easily join her fans' club if she has one. Signup on her personal website, subscribe to her monthly plan or premium group chat plans.

3. Respect her and do not go off-limit. Chat respectfully, knowing she's human and would probably spark by some irritable actions. As earlier said, do not publicly type what you want. Most newbies would even do this without tipping! It's wrong and can get you kicked out of the group chat.