Masturbation Tricks for Guys To Have a Mind-Blowing Solo Session

Masturbation Tricks for Guys To Have a Mind-Blowing Solo Session

No matter what your sexual orientation is, there’s always something new to try when it comes to pleasuring yourself. Here are a few of the best masturbation tricks for guys.

Men come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. Each man on planet earth has their own unique preferences. This is especially true when it comes to masturbation.

Throughout a man’s lifetime, he will try out many different methods of masturbation until he finally finds, for the moment, his favorite technique. The techniques he will have tried from puberty up to adulthood, will unquestionably all be very different. When we finally grow out of our teenage years, things finally start getting good. Part of this is due to the fact that being comfortable with your sexuality, greatly improves the quality of your sex life. Even if your sex life is exclusive to just you and your right hand.

Being ok with your sexuality

According to the research from Tel Aviv University in Israel, published in the Journal Family Relations in 1991, the average coming-out age at the time was 25 years old. But as of 2010, that average age had dropped to 16. Thankfully, as society becomes more comfortable and open to the idea of sexual exploration, it’s becoming easier to exercise our sexuality in healthy ways. Almost half of all Americans surveyed in a recent Gallup Poll said that they think porn consumption is perfectly healthy. And this fact makes a lot of sense when you consider just how popular live streaming porn sites have become over the last few years!

Cam sites are incredibly popular amongst men of all sexual appetites these days, and we can’t leave out the women! Camming sites allow a person to freely and comfortably explore their sexuality in the safety of their own room. With cam models, there are no risks necessary in order to experiment and find a sexual connection, and in no time at all too.

In the last two years, most popular cam sites have seen a 75% increase in new members, according to an article in Forbes magazine. The article went on further to explain that the world has seen a “25% growth in traffic in the U.S. and Italy, 20% growth in Germany, and 15% growth in the UK, Spain, Russia, and France”.

That means that a large number of people around the world are enjoying a very large amount of solo sessions regularly. So how are they doing it?

How to step up your masturbation game With live models

Masturbating, literally means, self-stimulation, in order to achieve sexual arousal and pleasure. It is not always easy and no one ever said it had to be done alone. Hence the importance of learning some masturbation tricks. There’s an endless selection of cam models on the interest today. waiting to join you as you pleasure yourself. If you haven’t tried this method yet, why not? Chatting with a model can increase the excitement of your solo session immensely. Not only can you choose your specific sex and body type of a model, but you can actually instruct them to behave in certain ways and carry out specific requests. Live porn allows people today to literally customize their porn to match their fantasies. And fantasy is one huge element that can bring the enjoyment of masturbation to the next level.


Letting go of any pre-conditioned social expectations will open so many doors when it comes to pleasure. One way to do this is by letting yourself fantasize to no end. At the end of the day, fantasy is just a fantasy, no harm done. So if something turns you on, let your mind run with it!

Switch up techniques

Surely you have a current method of masturbating that gets the job done. But that’s actually what you want to step away from if you are trying to elevate your pleasure game! Doing things like switching up your hands, focusing more on your testicles, and trying out different positions can go a long way. Another method to try is called edging, which is “the practice of stopping yourself from reaching orgasm right when you’re on the cusp”. Doing this might sound horrible, but it does have effects that work. Edging can help make your orgasms stronger and more enjoyable over time.


If you haven’t already, you really need to invest in some sex toys. It doesnt matter what you’re into, there’s a sex toy for you. For heterosexual homosexual guys alike, fleshlights are an extremely popular toy, as they look and feel incredibly similar to a real vagina or anus. There are cockrings, vibrators, blowjob simulators, anal beads, and the list goes on. There is sure to be a toy out there that you have yet to try!

Final Thoughts

So basically, when it comes to masturbation tricks to ramp up the pleasure the answer is to let yourself really enjoy it. Invest in yourself. Whether it’s in the form of cam models, experimental new positions, or fancy sex toys, if you want to enjoy yourself a little bit more, don’t be shy. Just do it.