Tips and Tricks to Making Your Live Sex Video Stands Out from the Rest

Tips and Tricks to Making Your Live Sex Video Stands Out from the Rest

If you want viewers to choose your video over someone else’s, quality is key. A good quality live sex video session will catch the eye and more importantly, keep the attention of potential viewers. Top notch camera gear can obviously greatly improve video quality, but that isn’t necessarily always the case. Someone using the best camera out there, won’t automatically make the content in the world. Other factors play a huge role when it comes to making the hottest web cam content.


One huge tip is to pay attention to what angle is most flattering for the content you want to create. For example, if your goal is to accentuate your backside, then you will want to have your camera placed at a lower position, looking up to you. And if you want to imply a sexual act is being performed, like oral, try tilting your camera down facing towards you as you look up. The right angles have the power to create a more realistic video.


The next aspect of any good live sex video is lighting. A soft light source behind the camera can help avoid any unflattering shadows. Hard light coming from too far above you, will create dark shadows over the eyes and under the nose. Light coming from behind you will just essentially blind your camera and the effect will be that you are too dark and the lighting will be off balance.

If you don’t have any soft ring lights, you could always place a white sheet behind the camera to let the light bounce off the white surface and onto you. A bright but not too harsh, soft light, coming from directly behind the camera and onto you is important when creating high quality videos. If you’re filming during daylight hours, sometimes filming in front of a window is the best option! Not just for the aesthetic quality but also because the image quality will sharply decrease if the lighting is too low or conversely too dark. Do some experimenting with light sources.

Pay attention to detail

Once you’ve got your angles and lighting down, let’s talk details. Paying attention to detail is crucial for live sex video sessions. Before you start filming, check your surroundings to be sure there are no objects that might ruin the mood. A picture of your grandma behind your head might not be the best turn on. I suppose that depends on who’s watching your videos, and what kind of videos you’re making, but usually, photos of granny need to go.

Any clutter that will distract your viewer from the main focus of the video, which is you, should go. But to the contrary, depending on what kind of web cam content you’re making, you might want to consider adding some props to your surroundings. It’s the small steps that you take that can really set you apart from the rest.

Essential equipment

As mentioned before, technology isn’t necessarily the defining factor of a great video, but if you have the means, choosing the best tech for your session definitely won’t hurt. And there are a few things that are a necessity and are not optional.

The first 2 things being a computer and a WIFI connection. If you don’t have a strong internet or WIFI connection, then your live sex video won’t be possible. In order to ensure the best video streaming quality, you should have an internet speed of at least 10mbps. Anything lower and you risk having your live sex video interrupted with video lags.

So WIFI is crucial but so a camera. Web cams can be purchased easily on the web and are usually not too expensive. If you’re just starting out as a cam model, any webcam that can stream 720p videos and above is recommended. Web cams come with a built-in microphone, but many cam models prefer to buy a separate, slightly higher quality one, especially if they plan to speak or making sounds during their performances.

If you’re looking to really invest in your job as a cam model, using a high-quality video camera as opposed to a web cam is always a good option. The higher quality the camera, the higher quality live sex video content you can create. A handheld camera capable of shooting in HD will have much better picture quality compared to most basic webcams. The only drawback is that most professional camera gear comes with heavy price tags. But ultimately, the more you invest, the higher quality videos you will produce, and, in turn, your success as a cam model will flourish.