What’s Behind the Recent Boom in Online Sex Games?

What’s Behind the Recent Boom in Online Sex Games?

Have you heard of online sex games? If you haven’t, you are quite possibly among the minority these days. Take a look at this Gallup annual survey of Values and Beliefs, showing that an increasing number of people each year, hold the opinion that porn is a morally acceptable part of society. So, with online sex becoming less and less taboo each year, it’s no surprise that more people seem to be gravitating towards interactive kinds of online sexual gratification.

What are sex games?

They function as a type of online computer entertainment and there are tons of different kinds out there. A few common themes among them are hentai, interactive, and VR (Virtual Reality). Depending on the kind of game, the player will usually be faced with a challenge to overcome, where the end goal is sex. This challenge could be a puzzle or word game, but the feeling of conquest and reward is present throughout almost any game out there.

Who is playing them?

It’s no surprise really that the generation that seems to be sex games’ biggest fan, is the millennial generation. A new study by Nielsen reporting shows that two-thirds of Millennials in the US, play video games each month. And that’s saying a lot! As worldwide, the millennial population comes out to be around 1.8 billion!  But Millennials aren’t the only ones playing. People from all adult generations need a little bit of fantasy in their life from time to time.

Sex games offer the players an escape from reality. For a few minutes, a person can feel like they are in control, and don’t have to worry about rejection or humiliation. In sex games, if your objective is to convince a beautiful woman to sleep with you, you can try and try again with zero consequences, until you finally get what you want. This isn’t a reality for most men in the world. "Video games are one of the most powerful mediums for active fantasy fulfillment as well as learning about one's own desires without any of the shame, rejection, fear, and sometimes simple unavailability of real-life sexual encounters," according to Zsuzsa James, a co-vice chair of the Romance and Sexuality in Games group of IGDA.

Gaming while camming

And it’s for this reason, that the same demographic of people that enjoy playing online sex games, also enjoy live camming sessions. The idea of stepping out of reality and into your hottest fantasy is something that many people just can’t resist. Virtual sex dates don’t come with any of the risks and complications that real word dates do. So, it’s easy to see why so many people are trying them out. To top it off, live stream sex and online sex games can even take place all at one time.

For some human interaction, many find that they quite like playing multiplayer games with the models they are watching on screen. Although many cam sites prohibit the models from showing any copyrighted material in their shows (like video games), the act of playing games itself is perfectly fine. While the viewer can see one screen with the model, possibly naked and playing a video game, he or she can also see their own screen where his or her side of the multiplayer game is taking place. In certain games, the viewers and the models have the chance to interact with each other in the game world.

The gaming while camming experience is unique. It gives viewers intense visual sexual stimulation through combining realistic and ultra-sexual animated characters, and live models giving you a show on your screen. It is an experience that most would describe as extremely erotic. But there’s a whole other aspect to it that makes it so popular. It’s incredibly safe.

Safely exploring sexuality

The benefits of online sex games and live camming sessions are becoming increasingly clear. People today crave comfort and safety, especially now during the historic pandemic people must deal with every day. And this demand for safety, and the fact that people are in their homes more than ever before, has allowed technology to continuously offer the world just that. There really isn’t any need to be afraid of exploring sexuality online, as long as people are using the best reviewed camming sites and using common sense. There is practically an unlimited amount of sexual fantasy options out there for people to explore. With the help of camming sites and online games, and sometimes both, people can really revolutionize their sex life!