Frequently Asked Questions

We get tons of suggestions and questions from users daily. We are aware that some of you might be having similar problems and difficulties. Hence, we have come up with some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and alongside their answers. This section offers you answer to previously but similar questions asked by most of our users without going through chatting or contacting customer support. We hope that these FAQs are comprehensive enough and give the best answers to your questions/complaints. Our FAQs encompass all areas where most users find it challenging to comprehend and some technical terms that might be fully explained in the content.

We understand that some prospects look forward to the FAQs section as a substitute for reviews about who we are and what we have to offer. We have gathered all these questions with their detailed answer in the FAQs section. If you have any queries regarding camming and cannot seem to find it in this section, please feel free to contact our customer support. They are always available 24/7 to take questions and proffer solutions appropriately. However, we do hope all your questions would be answered here. Enjoy your surfing! We got you covered!

What are the biggest cam sites?
  • Camsoda: With over 1000 webcam models online any time, ready to perform all kinds of sex performances, from masturbation, double penetration sex, anal sex, to name a few. 
  • Chaturbate: It has over 300,000 sex cam models and over 5000 models online at any given time
  • Imlive: This cam site has over 80,000 registered webcam models and over 60 million registered members, so it’s guaranteed to give an experience of a lifetime
  • LiveJasmin: This award-winning cam site has over 100,000 webcam models and gets over 1000+ models online (including porn stars) who perform a wide range of sex acts that will satisfy your deepest sexual desires.
What are the cheapest cam sites?
  • Camsoda: Apart from having tons of free live sex shows, CAMSODA offers private sex shows for as low as $0.55 per minute. 
  • Imlive: This site’s tokens cost exactly a dollar and private shows go for as low as $0.98 per minute
  • LiveJasmin: Aside from having professional webcam models and high-quality video streams, LiveJasmin’s private shows go for as low as $1.99 per minute, with the tokens costing less than a dollar. 
  • BongaCams: Together with the free live chat rooms where you can enjoy some adrenaline-rushing performances, BongaCams offers private sex shows for as low as $1.66 per minute, with the tokens costing between 6 and 8 cents each depending on the token package you purchase.
Which cam site has the best video quality?
  • LiveJasmin: This cam site doesn’t allow the webcam models to offer low-quality sex video streams, that is why all of them use 720p high definition cams or even higher. 
  • Chaturbate: Although it is a freemium site, Chaturbate offers high quality live sex videos, some even streaming in 1080p cams. What’s more, the site is capable of supporting 4K cameras, so you might be lucky and find a cam babe performing with a 4K camera.
How do cam sites make money?

Every cam site has a certain currency(either credits or tokens) that users buy to tip the cam models to perform different sex shows for them. All the money spent by these users on these cam sites is split accordingly between the cam models and the webcam site as agreed when they were registering to work on the site. 

Majority of these webcam sites take between 50 to 60% of a token’s or credit’s value. For instance, if tokens in a particular sex cam site cost a dollar each, the site takes 60% of that dollar, while the cam models take the rest.

What are the types of fetishes in cam sites?
  • Foot fetish: Believe it or not, there are lots of people out there who are sexually turned on by the mere sight of a pair of feet. It could be sweaty ones, tattooed ones, to mention a few. That is why there are lots of cam models who specialize in satisfying this type of fetish. 
  • Latex fetish: While most people consider it a fashion trend, many men(and women) have a sex fetish for latex clothing. Most cam models perform in this type of clothing or take pictures in latex clothing and sell them to the cam site’s users.
  • Group sex fetish: There’s something about group sex that some people find so sexually appealing. Luckily, there are many couples or just groups of people in different cam sites who perform group sex for people with this type of sex fetish.
Are cam sites legal?

Yes, they are as long as they comply with the necessary legal rules and regulations of porn sites. Among them include; ensuring that the webcam models are above the age of 18 years, ensuring that both the sex performers and guests consent to engage in live sex, to mention a few.

What should you do when you find an underage on a cam site?

This is very rare because most of these cam sites scrutinize every cam model who registers to work on that particular sex cam site. Engaging in sexual activities with a minor is illegal even if it is consensual. So, if you notice that there is an underage cam model on a cam site, it is best to report to the site’s customer service. If any action is not taken, you can go ahead and report to the relevant authorities.

What is a token in cam sites?

A token is a cam site’s currency( some cam sites use credits or cents) that users purchase to tip cam models to perform certain sex acts for them during public sex shows or pay them to perform private sex shows. 

Do cam models get the money I pay?

Yes, they do. Cam models get a certain percentage of the value of the tokens they have earned, depending on the agreements between them and the sex webcam sites. 

Is camming sex work?

Yes, camming is sex work because just like traditional sex work( like prostitution) it also involves performing a variety of sex acts for gifts, money, or attention. 

However, camming allows performers to perform at the comfort of their homes, control the amount of content they release, and also enables them to earn way more than traditional sex workers.

Who are the most successful cam models?
  • JuliaHayes90: This sexy cam girl is the perfect definition of beauty and brains. She is known to perform some pretty freaky stuff, from fingering her vagina and butthole until she squirts, to mention a few. 

What’s more, she has a law degree, making her a gem. You can catch her performances on LiveJasmin. 

  • Diamond Jackson: She is known to be that “all-round” girl in porn entertainment. This 55 year old porn star has performed on successful movies like the Juicy entertainment’s Baby Momma#3. 

You can catch Diamond live on Chaturbate as she does all the sexy performances you can imagine with her hot body. 

  • Gianna Michaels: This award-winning cam babe’s experience in porn entertainment has won the hearts of so many users on CAMSODA. She is known to pay attention to her viewers’ sexual desires, so you can be guaranteed that you will cum your way to satisfaction when watching her. 

You can catch her sex shows live on CAMSODA.

Where do cam models work from?

Cam models mainly work from home. Others prefer renting rooms where there’s good lighting and a good atmosphere that is appealing to the viewers.

Can you use PayPal to make payments on cam sites?

Yes, you can. Most sex cam sites allows users who are not comfortable with sharing their credit card information to purchase tokens/credits via PayPal. 

Can you record cam shows that you have paid for?

Yes, you can. Most cam sites allow users to record private shows. However, you have to have the cam model’s consent. A majority of these cam sites enable the cam models to choose whether or not users can record the private shows. 

Are cam sites similar to OnlyFans?

Yes and no. Cam sites and OnlyFans provide a platform for sex webcam models to upload content like videos and pictures in exchange for money. However, in cam sites, users are not allowed to pay the models directly. Instead, users tip them using tokens/credits/coins and the value is split between the models and the webcam site. 

Can you invite a cam model to a private party?

In most cases, no. A majority of these cam models like to keep their work and private life separate, so inviting them to parties or simply interacting with them outside the webcam site can make them uncomfortable. 

How can you translate cam sites’ languages?

Most cam sites have several language options, allowing users to automatically translate the site’s language by clicking on the language they understand. 

Are there cam sites that don’t require registration?

Yes, there are several sex cam sites where no sign-up is required to enjoy live sex shows. 

  • WhoaGirls: This cam site is flooded with cam models who offer free chat rooms/live sex shows and users don’t have to register to watch the live sex performances or join the chat rooms. 
  • HeheParty is also has a ton of cam babes who perform live sex shows and any one can watch them without having to register. What’s more, the site has a very detailed categorization system, allowing you to easily get your ideal cam model. 
  • MyFreeCams has been around for years, so it definitely is packed with professional webcam models who know how to satisfy people’s sexual desires. The site has many live sex performances that people can without having to create an account. 

Although these and many other cam sites don’t necessarily require you to register to watch live sex shows, registering does come with a lot of benefits. For instance, messaging any cam model you want, and enjoying private sex shows.

How can you hide your cam site browsing history?
  • Always set your browser to private mode: This is important, especially when using a public computer or one that you share with other people. This enables you to block any third party cookies from tracking your browsing activity. What’s more, privacy mode automatically erases the first party cookies that the cam sites keep as proof of your visit to the sites. 
  • Block the browser from spending your location details to the site: This allows different cam sites (or any other site) to provide you with more personalized search results. However, if you want to hide your cam site browsing history, you could restrict your browser from sending your location details.
  • Another great way to hide your cam site browsing history is delete all third-party cookies that would track your browsing activities.
Can I be identified when visiting cam sites?

Yes, you can. Since most cam sites require you to provide your credit card information when creating an account, you can be identified. 

What are the do’s and don’ts of cam sites?

If you are a user/viewer:

  • Do tip these cam babes. See anything you like? Or perhaps you love how a certain cam model is performing her sex acts? Don’t wait to request for a private show so you can pay. You can be generous and tip these models as they are performing in public chat rooms. 
  • Do have some webcam etiquette when interacting with these cam models. Something simple as saying hello to the cam model when joining her chat room can go a long way in helping you get in her “good books”.
  • Don’t demand for some sex acts during public chat rooms, especially if you are not tipping the model. 
  • Don’t try to reach out to these cam models outside the webcam site. Most of them like to keep their personal lives private. So, don’t send your favorite cam girl a direct message on any social media platform because it might creep her out. 

If you are a can model:

  • Do wear something sexy when performing. Most people are sexually turned on by what they see. So, if you want a larger audience and more tips, wear something sexually appealing.
  • Do provide a good vibe while performing. Let’s face it. No one wants to watch a boring cam model. So, when performing, show your viewers that you love what you’re doing. You could smile, giggle, or do anything else that will make your performance more lively. 
  • Don’t be afraid to say no. If you feel like a viewer is requesting for a sex act or anything else outside your comfort zone, do not be afraid to say no. 
Is it safe to make payments on cam sites using credit cards?

Yes, it is. A lot of webcam sites put a lot of work into ensuring that there’s no unauthorized usage of your credit card information. This is as long as you provide the correct information such as your name and email address to avoid being blocked due conflicting information. 

Why should I pay cam models when there’s unlimited free porn on the internet?
  • Cam models are interactive, allowing you to actually tell them what you want and how you want your sexual desires to be satisfied
  • Unlike the free porn on the internet, cam models give you the opportunity to explore and discover some sexual fetishes you thought you never had. 
  • Cam models allow you to take the “director’s seat” during live shows. Unlike the free porn on the internet, you get to control the performer’s sex toys, instruct them on what to do with their bodies, making the whole experience even more enjoyable.
Is going to cam sites and having sexual chat and video chat cheating?

It is a controversial issue but yes, it is cheating. In fact, according to a certain survey, approximately 22% of women consider watching cam girls or porn behind their backs as cheating. 

This is because cam models can end up turning you on faster than your partner does. What’s more, watching cam models gives you unrealistic sexual expectations that your partner cannot satisfy. 

If your partner discovers that you’re watching and interacting with cam models, it tends to lower their confidence, especially when it comes to satisfying you sexually.

Are there cam to cam apps?

Yes, there are many cam to cam sex sites like CAMSODA and LiveJasmin that have mobile apps or mobile versions of the sites. This allows you watch both recorded and live sex shows any time, anywhere. 

Is there a way to disguise pay money on cam sites as something else on a bank statement?

No, you cannot. Unfortunately or fortunately, banks automatically record each and every credit card transaction mainly to avoid fraud. However, there are other ways you can make payments on cam sites without knowing such as using online payment methods like PayPal. 

Can you date a girl who you met on a cam site?

Yes, you can. There are a lot of guys who are in healthy relationships with cam girls and sometimes even join them in sex shows on the sites. However, there are some men who are strongly against it, believing that these cam girls cheat on their partners with viewers on the sex cam sites. 

The bottom line is, if you find an honest girl with pure intentions, whether she is a cam girl or not, by all means, go ahead and date her.

Can a cam model record you when on a private session?

No, they are not allowed to. Reputable cam sites like IMLIVE, CAMSODA, Chaturbate, to mention a few do not allow webcam models to record or capture any customer’s webcam feed during private cam-to-cam sessions. If the websites realize that they are doing so, their accounts are automatically terminated.

Why do some people fall in love with webcam models?

First things first, it is totally normal to fall in love with a webcam model because they are people and emotional connections can be made. 

Some people fall in love with these cam models mainly because of the attention they get. Their job is to listen to what the client wants and fulfill their sexual desires, and this can be appealing to some people. Their ability to satisfy people’s sexual fetishes and fantasies can also cause some people to fall in love with webcam models.

What cam sites accept Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a great online payment method because it is practically untraceable. Some of the sex cam sites that allow bitcoins as a mode of payment include:

  • Camsoda
  • Flirt4free
  • LiveJasmin
  • Chaturbate
Are all of the cam sites listed on this website free?

No. A quick way to tell is to look at the three features we list for each site on its category page.

If “Premium Only” is one of them, it means the site is not free. For more in-depth info about pricing, check out the individual reviews.

How do you decide which sites should be in the Top 10?

Aside from chatting with the models ourselves and testing out the various features, we examine the site’s popularity, the performer selection, the average price per min, reader feedback and, of course, our own expertise in reviewing live cam sites for more than a decade now.

Are any of these sites a fraud?

No, each site has been verified by our team. We assure you that none of them are fraudulent. If you have any concerns about a site or encounter something fishy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What should I do if a model starts soliciting me for money?

Luckily, this is a rare occurrence, but it can still happen. If you feel like a model is trying to solicit you for cash, simply end your conversation and contact the site’s customer service.

Are all of the chat sites for adults only?

Yes, these are all 18+ sites.

What’s the best way to interact with a cam model?

The best way is to simply say Hi and introduce yourself. Don’t make any demands unless you’re willing to tip for it and, most importantly, don’t be rude. Models have no hesitations about blocking and/or reporting rude or obnoxious users.

How do I know which models will perform the types of activities I like?

One of the best ways is to look at a model’s profile. Often, they detail their likes, dislikes, turn-ons and the types of things they’ll perform on cam. Also, many sites have a category list. So, if you’re into anal sex or bondage, for example, just look for the appropriate category and browse the performers.