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What is Fling?

It's a typical adult dating site with a large user base and lots of awesome features. This dating service is your best option if you're against the culture of mindless, fast-swiping, one-night stands.Additionally, this online dating site might be your greatest friend if you're the type of person who prefers to establish chemistry before moving forward.

We examine it in greater detail in this Fling review.

Fling Pros

  • Large & diverse user base
  • Sophisticated search filters
  • Video chat
  • Guarantee policy
  • Lets you sell your content
  • Live cam services
  • Cheap trial options

Fling Cons

  • Free membership barely offers anything
  • No mobile app
  • A lot of fake accounts and bots
  • Experienced data hacks in 2016
  • Paid memberships are quite expensive

Overview of this hookup site

Fling Profile Creation

All things considered, Fling.com is a respectable and secure hookup website, particularly for featured members who have a premium subscription.

Everyone is welcome on this website. Whether you identify as heterosexual, cishet, LGBTQ+, or in any other way is irrelevant. You can meet someone you want to date and have sex with after opening an account. Furthermore, fling.com is virtually international. With a few exceptions, most countries across the world can access the site. As one might assume, nevertheless, a sizable portion of users are from the United States. You're guaranteed to find the person you're seeking for because our online dating site has 3 million US users.


It's really simple to create a free or premium Fling.com account. After completing the six easy steps of registration, you'll have a membership to fling.com and may quickly provide a fling review to let others know how legitimate the website is.

To make the process of creating an account easier for you, let's quickly review those stages.

  1. Provide the following basic information: name, age, and gender (male, female, or other).
  2. Enter the specifics of your sexual preference. For example, matching with men, women, couples, etc.
  3. Enter your location
  4. Give a working email address.
  5. Make sure your account password is secure.
  6. Verify your account's email address.

The website requests that you upload an image when you complete these steps. Try to think of the best image you can. It is acceptable to upload sexually explicit material. It might not be a good idea, though, as this isn't a fetish and BDSM dating service. It is more of a hookup website for men and women.

Lastly, the website presents you with a gallery of people, from which you must choose the attractive and seductive ones to flirt with based on your preferences. By doing this, the algorithm can better understand your tastes and likes, which will enable it to present you with more relevant and matching profiles. Fling.com is pretty honest when it comes to their dealings!

Membership prices? How much does it cost?

Despite how fantastic this website seems in this Fling review, there is one issue. Membership for free won't make you any money. You cannot send or receive messages, participate in live video chats, or use any of the other awesome features on the website without paying.

The website has two complimentary trial offerings. You can test out the website for a day for ninety-five cents. For an additional week to give it a try, you can purchase a 7-day trial for $9.95.

There are 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and yearly programmes if you want to get started right away and don't want to deal with all the hoopla surrounding internet usage instruction.

Membership Lenth Price
2 Day Trial $4.95
7 Day Trial $9.95
1 Month $34.95 (30%)
6 Months $11.65/mo
12 Months $9.99/mo

Try Fling

Select the option that best fits your needs. Without any difficulties, you can terminate your membership. Absent attachments or commitments. Nevertheless, the only way to effectively use Fling.com is to have a premium membership.

Free Features

Fling Features

1. Fling Uses Profile Searches Instead of Matchmaking Tools

Alright, so Fling doesn't use an algorithm for matching users. I understand your thoughts. Without such a crucial function, what good is a dating site?

Fling isn't like other fast-paced dating sites, as I mentioned previously. It's more of a traditional, casual dating site instead.

This might not appeal to people who are used to Tinder-style dating. Members who want to take things slowly and establish a rapport before hooking up, however, will undoubtedly enjoy themselves immensely here.

2. Basic Search Function

You can search for members by gender, sexual preference, age, country, and zip code using the standard search options.

You can further refine your search results by selecting users who are verified, online, have images, or are streaming a video right now (more on that later).

Those who have a free membership can use this option to filter the quantity of members you want to find.

Premium Feature

1.  Advanced Search Function

The fling sex site also offers an “Advanced Search” function as one of its premium features, with many sophisticated search options and filters. This helps you scout for members that match most of your dating preferences.

With advanced search, you can look for fling members based on things such as: Body type, Height, Eye color,Hair color and more!

2. The “Who’s Cute?” Game

It's time to have some games and fun now. Using Fling's "Who's Cute" feature, you can rank other users according to how they seem. It is easy to use, clear-cut, and highly efficient.

You are ranked as an interactive member by the site algorithm if you consistently play this game. Additionally, it expands your reach in the profile feed.

The game can be played daily, however you can only rank a maximum of 50 profiles in a single day. It's worth noting that receiving high ratings from other users also adds weight to your profile, increasing its visibility to more users of the site.

3. The Fling.com Video Chat

I read a few fling.com reviews USA before checking out this website, and almost all of them emphasised this function. I therefore wanted to check what all the excitement was about, so I signed up for fling.com.

The architecture for video chat is well-designed and incredibly durable. I was surprised that I didn't have any quality problems even with a terrible internet connection. With the usage of this tool, you can form a clear impression of the user before really meeting them.

Additionally, it assists you in recognising phoney profiles and scammers!

For my part, I'm a lazy boy who likes to communicate via video over text. And I have to admit that this website's function has been rewarding for me. You can even have some sexually explicit video chat sessions if the other user is game.

Special Features

Along with playing the rating game and video chatting with other members, you may keep an eye out for compatible users.

Beyond the features listed above, this hookup service has a tonne of entertaining features, as we found out when we reviewed Fling.

1. Fling.com Live Cams

The live cam option is not available on many dating websites. On the other hand, you can watch gorgeous women on live cams if you have a Fling account. You need to have a premium subscription in order to use this feature. You can only see the room details and preview photos without paying.

You can join the live cam room, talk with the female, and even make requests once you've paid for the membership. You might even flirt with the girl you're seeing if you like her; who knows, you might even go on a date with her.

2. Sex Shop With Freebies

You can buy adult clothing and sex items here in addition to meeting and dating people who share your interests. Fling has partnered with a well-known online store where you can get adult DVDs, a variety of sex equipment, and much more.

The website provides special offers, freebies, and savings. You don't even need to be concerned about privacy, by the way. Your credit card statement will list the purchases as products connected to the game.

3. 3-month Guarantee

This should put anyone's worries about Fling.com to rest if they still have any. There's a three-month guarantee on this dating website. This implies that the website will extend your paid membership at no additional expense to you if you are unable to find a date within three months.

It's also a win-win scenario. Regardless of their level of confidence, they will give you a three-month premium membership as a prize if they fail. How awesome is that? In all honesty, this website's feature convinced me to visit it.

4. NSFW Safe Mode

Another extremely helpful, hard-to-find function is available on Fling.com. You can choose to hide all of the explicit content at any time by using the safe mode. For instance, you can easily use this function and wave goodbye (temporarily) to all the NSFW content if you're at work or around your family.

A comparable feature called the "panic button" allows you to log out of your account on all of your laptops, phones, and other devices. Ashley Madison is one of the rival hookup websites.

Is Fling Legit, Safe & Secure?

Since 2006, this website has been operational. Additionally, they have a good reputation in the field. Fling appears to be fairly secure in terms of technology. They are protected by Norton, and they don't give your phone number or email address to outside parties.

It is important to note, though, that Fling.com and a number of other top dating and hookup websites were compromised in 2016. However, for an additional degree of payment security, fling.com has worked with reputable sales agents including Epoch, SegPay, and WTSeTicket. Make sure you don't give out your personal information to users before getting to know them well for your own added protection.

So Does Fling.com work or is it a scam?

A genuine hookup and dating website, Fling.com offers both free and premium membership choices. There are 3 million active users on the adult chat and personals website just in the US. While it's impossible to confirm that every member on this hookup site is genuine, purchasing a premium account can help filter out some of the bots and fraudulent accounts. Indeed, it functions.

Dating site precautions 

  • Beware of Scammers: Indeed, scammers may be found on any dating site, including Fling.com. False profiles created by scammers typically aim only to deceive you into sending them money, rather than to establish a romantic relationship. You can't avoid them on hookup sites. Users that appear way too eager or with "too perfect" of a profile should be avoided. Fling tries its hardest to prohibit these users, but not every one of them can be removed.
  • Watch Your Credits: Fling is a profit-making company. It's intended to compel you to make purchases. Before you begin, pay close attention to your finances and familiarise yourself with the payment system (see to the section above). Additionally, Fling.com may entice you to sign up for "automatic top-ups" of your subscription, although we strongly discourage doing so.
  • Remember, It’s Not Easy: Everyone seeks an affair for different reasons, and we are not here to judge anyone. All we'll say is that it's not always simple. Make sure you've given it enough thought and that it's what you want. There is no doubt that Fling.com has caused people to experience real and emotional consequences. All we'll say is to be sure you've given it careful thought. We had to bring up Fling at some point since this is a story about the site!


We hope you find what you're searching for online, whether or not the Fling app is for you. Exercise caution and awareness. It's usually true when something looks too wonderful to be true.

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