Originally designed as a successful and attractive member website, Seeking Arrangements, now known as Seeking, is now open to all users and is a site you could regret excluding from your list of dating apps and sites to explore. It was created for sugar babies on the search for how to get a sugar daddy and those out to seek dates.

Seeking Review:  Secret arrangements with sugar daddies and sugar babies in 2024!

Continue reading to find out more about Seeking arrangement in 2024, including its benefits and drawbacks, registration procedures, subscription, functionality of the platform, helpful hints, and more.

Seeking Pros

  • Super active community
  • Simple filtering and search options
  • Aesthetically Pleasing site layout and user experience
  • Comprehensive method of verification
  • Worldwide accessibility (including language)
  • There are some discounts available.

Seeking Cons

  • A little controversial
  • Bots and fake accounts manage to get through the verification process.
  • Visible inactive profiles
  • May become costly
  • Active scammers

Registering on Seeking

Registering on Seeking is a rather easy process. First, decide if you would like to meet other guys or women (or both) and identify as a guy or a girl. Following that, you're prompted with a few more questions to help the website improve its matching algorithms, which ought to result in more fruitful matches. With the exception of a tiny bit more personal information, that's pretty much it to register! Keep in mind that you may want to choose your email address carefully if you want to remain mostly anonymous.

Once the registration process is over, you will have to wait for Seeking to confirm your account. On average, this process takes 1-2 business days, but it could go more quickly. Even while having to wait can be annoying, everyone attempting to use the website  benefits from the account verification process. It doesn't seem to be a flawless procedure though, as some scammers and bots still seem to be able to pass.

Overview of the website

Seeking aims to get you on their dating site and make you consider all the attractive and successful people you might meet, just like a lot of dating apps these days. This implies that in order to have full access to the website, members will be more inclined to spend.

You're not alone if you find that business model to be annoying. In the dating site community, it's becoming more and more commonplace, for better or worse. There may be free memberships available to some users of this dating site. They are very "desirable," which is why this is done. After registering, anyone can apply for the free membership. When these users receive a lot of favourable feedback on their profiles, they will be judged eligible for free membership.

Is Seeking arrangements free ?

You should be at ease if you're concerned about having to pay a large sum of money up front and wondering “is seeking really worth it”? Fortunately, that isn't the case for you. You are free to explore once you have registered and been verified by Seeking arrangement staff..

This is good since it gives you an idea of how Seeking functions and what kind of matches you can expect down the road.The drawback is that your options will be rather restricted. For instance, you won't have free access to message other Seeking users. You might as well get used to it and take advantage of the free browsing at least. Certain websites don't allow you to without a fee.

Setting Up Your Account

You'll be set once you complete the registration procedure by providing your basic information. And you can now create your Seeking profile on the app or website after registering and getting verified. You must upload a photo and select a username. Additionally, pick a picture that flatters you. Take your time creating your profile because, in the end, it plays a significant role in your initial impression.

You have the option to include a long list of details in your profile. You can provide details about your children, height, education, and marital status. You can choose from a huge range of relationship statuses, such as "open relationship," "separated," and "married but looking." In addition, you can include your net worth for a little profile attention boost.

The setup of the profile becomes a little complicated in an attempt to make matching as smooth as feasible. For instance, on the Seeking platform, you must select various "tags" that provide more information about what you're looking for. Characteristics and preferences like "flexibility," "attentiveness," "monogamous," etc. are included in some of the tags.

The "About Me" section requires you to create a brief bio. If that makes sense, it's preferable to be humble and honest at the same time. While you don't want to go overboard, you also don't want to sell yourself too short. Thus, have that in mind while you work to create a brief but engaging profile. Aim to have it accurately represent who you are.

How Much Does Seeking Cost?

As previously said, joining Seeking is free. Additionally, those that naturally considered attractiveness and/or have great accomplishments may be eligible for free site access.

However, you will need to pay $50 for a background check before you can truly become a verified member. You don't need to at least prove your income for this. To be honest, becoming verified is a great method to give people the impression that you can be trusted right away, especially if you're a man (and especially an older man).

Men may find Seeking memberships to be rather expensive, but as many of these members are well-off, this shouldn't be too much of a problem. However, be advised that Seeking may wind up costing you more than other dating sites if you want to use it as a mainstream dating site.

Although the current premium membership packages aren't inexpensive for the typical person, this isn't your typical dating site.

Membership Lenth Price
1 Month $90/mo
6 Months $80/mo
12 Months $70/mo

Try Seeking

As you can see, as is typical with dating services (and many subscriptions in general), you will receive a better monthly rate if you pay for more months in advance.

Can I find Sugar Daddies on Seeking?

The answer to this is…maybe. While Seeking arrangements was formerly created to be a sugar daddy dating site, they have broadened their reach beyond just that. So the possibility is still high to find one but that is not the purpose of the site anymore

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Does Seeking Work? Or Is It a Scam?

Seeking is, all things considered, pretty much what is claimed. It would be fascinating to observe whether its user base diversifies as it moves towards being a more mainstream dating service.

There are undoubtedly some individuals among the more than thousands even million users that you will probably get along with. Your chances of finding a date will depend on how much money you have, how much time and effort you have to spend interacting and chatting, and both.

Although Seeking is a well-established platform with a large user base and a global reach, it is also true that there are a lot of negative web evaluations. Having said that, it's crucial to keep in mind that most visitors to these websites are either highly happy or terribly unhappy. Reviews consequently have a tendency to be biassed. Nevertheless, the large number of dissatisfied clients is not particularly promising.

Thus, before deciding to sign up for Seeking, you might wish to investigate seeking arrangement reviews and check out seeking for yourself.

Many users sign up for the platform for various purposes. Some may be looking for information on how to find a sugar daddy or making arrangements, while others may be hunting for pornographic content intended for private luxury. Here are a few more pointers to make sure your login experience is satisfying.

Be Upfront About Expectations

As is truly the case with any dating service, you should be open and honest on Seeking. Say so if you're searching for a pornstar, a casual hookup, or women in their prime. Make it obvious if your goal is to create something more significant. Avoiding difficult conversations and/or acting dishonestly in public will not help your situation.

Be Authentic

Yes, this is at the very least corny. Still, in this instance, it's accurate. Should you not be a This follows on from the last point and, although a bit cliche, is true when it comes to dating sites. If you're not yourself, you won't find matches who match you naturally.

Spend Time on Your Profile

Not just Seeking, but all dating sites have this quality. Consider your profile to be a virtual billboard, where you are showcasing yourself to passersby. This is how people will perceive you virtually, and it counts for how much attention you get. You want to strike a careful balance between being transparent and truthful and fascinating and mysterious.

Beware of Scammers and Catfishers

Even while Seeking does a decent job of upholding a legitimate platform, scammers nevertheless manage to get on the site. Regretfully, bots and phoney profiles will be present on almost every dating site in an attempt to con people. Essentially, the whole purpose of these is to deceive people into parting with their money, even though they are not who they claim to be. Here, it's referred to as "catfishing" and is done with the intention of extorting money. If anything seems suspiciously simple, it's probably just someone trying to con you out of money before they go.

Keep an Eye on Your Bill

While connecting people is Seeking's primary business, they also make money from it. Just look at those costs by scrolling up. $250 for a single "Diamond" membership month? They know who they are selling to; upper-class individuals with six- or seven-figure salaries on average, so their pricing strategy makes sense.

Just be mindful that you might want to monitor your statement to make sure you're not spending more money than you intended to. For example, you might want to start out cautiously and choose a one- or three-month membership rather than a six-month one.This way you can feel out the site. And hey, you might just meet someone who you want a more serious, long-term relationship with (though we must say that’s not the typical relationship sought after on Seeking).

Then again, you might not care how much the site costs you if you’re wealthy.

Matches Don’t Always Come Easily

Even while Seeking has over 40 million users, there is no assurance that matches would materialise immediately. Particularly for younger women, there's usually a lot of competition, so you might need to put in a lot of effort to stand out on such a big stage.

In the end, you should try your hardest to exercise patience. Even if something doesn't work out immediately, it still might in the end. Even while awkward dates happen occasionally, that's usually simply a part of life. You're probably going to find someone with whom you click rather quickly. Just remember to give yourself enough time—that is, don't give up too quickly and don't push the problem.

Be Safe

When you first meet someone, it's usually best to do so in a public setting. For example, a restaurant or coffee shop would be ideal. By doing this, the likelihood of you being in risk from malicious individuals is greatly reduced. This is only to assist keep people safe; it's not designed to frighten anyone. In general, you should be alright if you follow your gut.

Final Verdict

Does Seeking make sense, then?

That is ultimately up to you. Your desires, requirements, financial situation, age, etc. If you're just your typical person, you might want to use another dating service.

All things considered, Seeking boasts a sizable global customer base, an easy-to-use interface, and somewhat affordable prices. It also includes additional helpful features like verified profiles, VIP rooms, and powerful filtering and searching options. Seeking can work out well for you if you're looking for a date or perhaps even true love.

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