Hottest live girl sex cam Review: Meet Amouranth

  • Name: Amouranth
  • Gender: Woman
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Hair Colour: Red
  • Eye Colour: Green
  • Hair length: Long
  • Breast size: Big
  • Body type: Stacked
  • Figure:  Athletic
  • Height: 5’4’’
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Languages spoken: English

Willingness/ Interest:

  • Foot Fetish
  • Spanking/Paddling
  • Roleplay
  • Dominant
  • Submissive


Amouranth is a YouTuber, Twitch live streamer, model, and influencer star. Born on the 2nd of December, 1993. She is an American female internet star from Houston, Texas. Her earlier years showed how creative she was when she began streaming cosplay acts and in 2016 Twitch noticed her and she was invited to join the platform. 2016 became her debut year as a professional cam streamer. She’s been active ever since and over time she has grown to be one of the most popular cam girls in the block. With over 7 years of camming experience and millions of dollars amassed to her name, we’re here to give you a rundown of what this big-breasted beauty is all about. She gradually came into other cam girl sites thanks to her cosplay and other creative content streams on Twitch. You can find her on YouTube, Twitch, Kick, Only Fans, Jerkmate (the best 1 on 1 cam site), and many more.

Personal Interests

Fellatio, Ear Licking, Strip Tease, Solo, Masturbation, BG fantasy, cam sex

Nothing like anything you'll find on adult cams or amateur teen cam sex sites, Amouranth's Live shows are known for being engaging, different, and highly entertaining! She loves to dance so it’s only natural for you to see her burst a dance move or two during her shows and with some extra luck you’ll catch her twerking… Though she's well-known for her hot tub video streams, active chats, and ASMR, her interests go far beyond being on the list of nude web models. She is out to make a name for herself as one of the hottest, highest-ranking top models. She has a strong interest in sexually suggestive cosplay, so if you enjoy those kinds of shows, you will be sure to have a good time with her.

About Amouranth

This Caucasian lady discovered her passion for costume design and performance art at a young age. Her talent in creating intricate and authentic cosplay outfits garnered attention, setting the stage for her future shows in the camming world.

In no time she rose to fame. High in rank and popularity. Amouranth’s Twitch account catalyzed her rise to being among America's best digital stars. She began streaming in 2016, initially focusing on cosplay and creative content before diversifying into chatting and lifestyle streams. Her engaging personality and unique content style drew in a large audience, which made her one of the platform’s most watched and discussed new female.

In addition to streaming, Amouranth has dabbled in modeling, using her online popularity to make a name for herself in the field. Her efforts to become an entrepreneur also include starting her clothing line, which shows her grasp of business and her ability to leverage her internet reputation. With a team of more than 10, like she said in one of her tweets you can see why this green-eyed beauty seems to always be on a roll. Amouranth is a business-savvy person who knows her way around the industry. She has made investments in several offline businesses, such as buying an inflatable pool toy firm and a petrol station. She also owns the OnlyFans talent management company Real Work and the cosplay apparel brand A Charmed Affair. All of this amounts to the end resulting numbers that her net worth is.

Net worth

Amouranth’s popularity extends beyond Twitch. That was only a catapult to her rise to fame as a cam star. She is quite active on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media sites. With over 120 million views across. She disclosed in 2023 that she made a whopping $1.5 million a month from OnlyFans, a website where she puts out NSFW content and cosplay. This money goes a long way towards her yearly profits of almost $20 million, which is greatly augmented by her $100,000 monthly earnings from Twitch. Amouranth has achieved her enviable status by combining a variety of monetization strategies, including product marketing, sponsorships, donations, and subscriptions. A reason to be an inspiration to the girls, pornstars, and other streamers alike. The streamer has a substantial net worth above $20 million with some estimating it to be as high as $25 to $30 million.

Social Media Interactions


Of course, you can find her pictures on Instagram but not as many videos. Pictures of her chilling by the poolside, looking gorgeous on the bed, hanging out with pals, and generally looking all dolled up. She uses the platform to inform her loyal fan base of when she will be live on her Twitch account. Her admirers adore her and there's no doubt about that. That’s why she finds it an easy thing to do to direct them to other platforms where she can host her live shows.

User Comments

@itsmohak2- You are very mind-blowing and beautifully fascinating, angel  7/2/2024

@ra_min1409- You are the most beautiful painting of the gods. I love you my beautiful angel 3/2/2024

@tommy.fernandez.5855594- Beautiful and remarkable and perfect and smart and intelligent and phenomenal woman and smile and beautiful and happy with your body and your 3/2/2024

@winkler_b_rudolf_1911- I was a bit tired after working the whole day, but after seeing such beauty, I'm a little bit less tired. 2/2/2024

@irsian2- You were awesome Amo, the show was an amazing watch! Well done! 3/2/2024


  • Followers: 428k
  • Username: Amouranth
  • Last update: 2022

On Facebook, you can see her in her most attractive form. Not to say she’s not always beautiful, there’s just a little something extra with her choice of pictures on her Facebook page. Images, video teasers, views of her by the poolside, and links to her OnlyFan. She also uses Facebook to market her business items. A good guess is that that’s where she gets the most sales.

User Comments

  1. @Thomas Fernandez - I'm so looking forward to your next post  30/11/2022
  2. @Tom Rushlow- You’re so incredibly beautiful- 22/11/2022
  3. @Wayne Fietz - She’s a handful and then some  22/11/2022
  4. @Richard Perez- Oh my … absolutely beautiful…are you single? 18/12/2022
  5. @Northern Skraeling- Your eyes make it look like Christmas- 18/12/2022


Amouranth on TikTok has a more playful-sexy side to her. You’ll find the page with viral TikTok trends lathered with this unique queen’s touch. Not a lot of content though but pretty high engagement nonetheless.

User Comment

  1. @Kaleidoscope- question, Amouranth are you into women?  2/7/2023
  2. @j_west213: All yall that are trying to get this woman are Delusional and before all yall say like I have any hope, I'm asexual 10/12/2023
  3. @crazesharer9: You have Beautiful Hair πŸ˜€. Keep it up! 3/9/2023
  4. @πŸŽ€: ON MY KNEES PLS AMOURANTH πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ 10/8/2023
  5. @GUYS?? (louis' ver): Please be lesbian πŸ™‚ 4/8/2023

Amouranth on Jerkmate

Amouranth has faced controversial moments and criticism at different times in her career. Her content, which frequently defies platform content policies, has generated discussions over her style of content creation and whether it’s in line with what an influencer should be about. She nevertheless maintains a sizable and loyal fan base despite this.

To try to get more attention online and get a larger audience; adding more volume to an already existing profile, Amouranth created her Jerkmate account. And quite honestly that has lessened the debate about what she can and shouldn’t be doing during her live cam streams. Her content approach profiles a significant change as a result of this adjustment, she is now seen to embrace more adult-oriented content and has since increased the variety of online goods she sells.

Her live performances feature a tonne of awesome highlights, like role-playing and dancing. Amouranth is most adored for her cosplay and ASMR videos. That’s the aspect you don’t want to miss! It comes highly recommended from us to you. This sexy queen enjoys flaunting her attractive shape and dressing sexily to show off her big boobs. She doesn't have a reputation for being shy. You can find her playing video games, just chilling and chatting with fans, or even half-naked in a hot tub on Jerkmate. She gets even more naughty and things become spicy in her private shows.

Amouranth on Onlyfans

Amouranth's OnlyFans page is organised neatly and on there she provides a range of content. Her OnlyFans also comes with the advantage of not spamming your timeline or direct messages with links to other accounts as most do. Her content is always geared towards selling the idea of real blowjobs, pussy reveals, and BG fantasy teases. She is active and responds to her fans. Through her 162 posts, she has amassed 388.7k Likes from OnlyFans. And of course the money! Which was beyond what she imagined.

What Turns Amouranth On?

“Findom, Kind and Generous People, Animal Lovers, Feet Worshippers”

What turns Amouranth on the most is bringing a smile to the face of a loyal fan. So it could be anything from her self-pleasing to fulfilling the requests of fans. A simple girl with simple turn-ons. If you can enjoy yourselves and make each other happy, that’s enough to make her day. She hopes to gain a lot of fans and make a name for herself as one of the most popular and successful webcam models on Jerkmate and other streaming platforms. If you want to turn on Amouranth, leave her a big tip! Nothing puts her in a better mood than generous fans who show their love. What she gives back in her shows makes it a worthwhile investment.

What Turns Amouranth Off?

She hates excessive vulgarity during her shows. She is not a big fan of stingy men and an un-interactive audience. And at all times she seeks to be treated with respect. Disrespect is a big turn-off for Amouranth.

Model Pros

  • Big boobs
  • Active on all social media platforms
  • Frequent shows on Kick and Twitch
  • Sexy athletic figure
  • Beautiful green eyes
  • Engaging talk/chat
  • Her audience find her interesting and fun
  • Sexy redhead
  • Great content variety

Model Cons

  • Controversial conversations about her lifestyle
  • Complains of more bot views during her live shows
  • She has become active on Kick which is a less popular platform
  • No real B/G penetration
  • Her appeal is not suited for

Bottom Line

Despite the issues and controversies she has been faced with, she has succeeded professionally and acquired a sizable fortune over the years as a adult content streamer. She has shown her ability, resiliency, and business acumen to the world and to those curious enough to meet her personally. She is admired by several up-and-coming influencer stars. There’s really nothing to hate about this model. She can do it all.

It is hard to equal Amouranth's content style and the variety she brings to the cam scene. It's definitely worth subscribing to her account if you're searching for a seductive encounter. A perk though would be that even though her XXX content appears to be real when she advertises, she regularly employs props during the actual shows and for some people that can be a downside to their expectations.

In spite of this, Amouranth is one of the sexiest redheads in the cam industry; her breathtaking good looks and mesmerising performances make her a pleasure to watch. She has one of the top OnlyFans accounts in terms of popularity. Her mystery strategy sells. We are very eager to see how far her journey is going to further develop.

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