Cam Girl Sites: Membership levels and How to set up a user profile

Cam Girl Sites: Membership levels and How to set up a user profile

Just to put all the newbies into context, there are varying membership options for users in the cam girl sites field. For instance, some sites allow visitors to chat and watch performers, while others don't until they become members. This could become confusing, especially for new users in the camming community. Hence, you need to understand the various membership levels and the benefits attached to each level. Different cam sites refer to users of varying membership with different names. A user could be regarded as a "visitor" and on a site and enjoy the same benefit as a "member" on another site.

Membership levels and some of their features

  • Lurkers:

They are mostly observers. They don't chat or want to be noticed; they observe silently. Because they rarely participate in activities in chat rooms, most cam girls find them upsetting. They, however, tip models whenever they feel like it. On the other hand, some other cam girls find Lurkers appreciably great inasmuch as they are not freeloaders and keep tipping.

  • Chatters/Contributors:

Chatters are those that keep the energy flowing in chat rooms. They always have something interesting to talk about. Hence, they bring out the fun in camming. If you want to explore the camming community and you want to make friends on the cam site, you should embrace chatting. Most times, they don't spend much on tipping. One of the demerits of being a chatter is that, in the long run, you might begin to have the entitlement mentality. Some chatters believe they should be given free live sessions and preferential treatments since they help keep the conversation bubbling in the chat room. However, while being a chatter, always remember that the cam girl owns the show and the chat room. You should know when to be silent and when to change topics.

  • Tippers:

Irrespective of the cam site, most cam girls prefer having a 100 tipper to 150 chatters. Of course, I'd do the same. Tippers are members who contribute financially (spend tokens) to either private or public shows. They are always sending tips; hence, they are sometimes regarded as the "Big Spenders" or sometimes "Whales" depending on the cam site.

  • Freeloaders:

These users have the characteristic of a beggar and a lurker in one piece. Instead of tipping when they need to see something or cam girl to do something, they'd rather wait for other users to do the tipping while enjoying the show. If you want to identify a freeloader on cam sites, they are always those happy about being entertained for free. Their slang is mostly "Whew, right on time!" some might even come aggressive and go like, "Is there anyone here willing to get her naked?" They are always so loud about their presence in the room while indirectly telling the cam girl, "I'm here for free shows."

Setting up your profile to pick the perfect cam site:

Your profile on every platform speaks a huge volume about your personality (at least to an extent). So, it's only advisable you set it up with useful and, of course, unique information. When it comes to camming, your profile becomes the first point of contact, especially if you are meeting a cam girl who has been deceived by the camming community. She becomes so mindful of her viewer that she does underground research before allowing you into her private shows. Accesses your profile to determine if you are just another freeloader or a potential tipper.

Setting up your profile will help you understand if a cam site will be perfect for you or continue hunting for suitable ones. If all you want on the camming community is chat, you know the cam site you'd be visiting would be different from someone who's in for live shows. It varies depending on what you want.

TIPS in setting up great profiles on cam sites:

  • Be confident about what you want:

Cam sites are rated 18+, which means there is no room for "mummy's boy." Be bold about what you need and how you'd want the service rendered. Who knows, any model might be interested in inviting you to her show. You really need to optimize your profile.

  • Study the features the cam site offers:

A scenario whereby all the cam site offers is just live chats with no live streaming sessions. On your profile, you wrote, "Looking forward to meeting pretty faces and prettier boobs." automatically, without being told, you are in the wrong place. Knowing the terms and conditions of the site will help you play by the rules. Else, you might be kicked out. And this might be really, really bad, especially if you have your loads coming all piled up at the time.