Free live cam girls vs paid cam girls

Free live cam girls vs paid cam girls

There have been misconceptions as to if free live cam girls are similar to paid cam girls. Note that the FREE before cam girls indicate that you can chat in a free room with cam girls and meet new friends. Chatting on both sites (Free and paid) are not the same thing as they come with unique perks. You should, however, not expect anything too mind-blowing from the Free cam girls. A larger percentage of them do it for tips, while little just want to chat and be kinky with you. Here are some of the things that puts a distinction between the two sites.

Differences between Free and paid cam girls

Before we dive into the differences, one major fact you should note is that paid cam girls are always down for anything and might be regarded as the kinkiest of all. The reason is obviously clear, you tipping (paying a token) for whatever they do while you guys catch fun.

Free cam girls want to chat

Remember that chatting on a free cam site can never be the same as chatting on a paid site. Girls on the free cam site want to meet fellow chatters with the same mindset and maybe DO MORE later. Most free cam girls don't even get to use all features on the cam site. They make use of the chat rooms, talk x-rated, and make x-rated friends. Unlike the paid cam site, the girls are always ready to do your biddings if you are ready to send them tokens.

No token, no show

This is more like the watchword for paid cam girls. When you visit a paid cam site, you'd have to pay for membership and get a verified user ID. If you plan on meeting a cam girl who's down for anything, you need to come verified. You don't have to pay on the free cam site before sending a text in the chat room. There is no word restrictions on the free cam sites. You can ask a girl on the free cam sites for nudes and come freaky all at once. This is not possible on the paid cam site; it's a No token, No show arena! If you want to be freaky, come kinky with token! Paid cam girls are not readily available, and with the verified membership payment, you can be sure that you are chatting with the actual person.


Privacy is the principal difference between the free and paid cam girls. Suppose you are looking forward to having your privacy protected, opt-in for the paid cam site. Paid cam girls have the liberty of choosing their preferred mods and knights. What they do is help protect the girls while performing. For the free cam girls, they by themself protect themselves. However, this cannot be compared to being protected by a knight! Absolutely no way!

Services rendered by free and paid cam girls

Since we've been able to establish the differences between the free and paid cam girls, we'll as well explain the services they render. The big question is, does their service change?

Paid cam girls

By now, you should understand that the paid cam girls have their services protected and their privacy intact. All these come with a price. Inasmuch as the paid cam girls are paying for these amenities, it means the services they render come with price tags. These prices are paid in the form of tokens on the site.

The services they render include making live performances, making their viewers happy, and abiding by rules. These three services are basically all they do asides from getting tokens, obviously.

Free cam girls

One of the perks of being a free cam girl is you need not follow any instructions. They do whatever pleases them as long as they abide by basic site rules. Their services include chatting and making mutual friends. You might want to be careful about sharing your personal information with those you meet on free cam sites. Do you want to chit chat? The free cam site is where you ought to be.

Before signing up on any cam site, it's pertinent for you to understand how the site works. It will help you understand if you'd be going for the free or paid version of the site. As explained earlier, there are few differences between the paid and free cam sites, but these few differences matter. If you are looking forward to moving your camming experience to the next level, asides from chit-chatting, you might want to go for the paid cam girl experience.