How to make a Girl Squirt: It’s not impossible

How to make a Girl Squirt: It’s not impossible

Learning how to make a girl squirt is the goal of many men out there today. And achieving that goal doesn’t have too impossible or daunting.

What is it about a girl squirting, that has so many people obsessed with making it happen for themselves? It could be the idea of knowing you provided a person with an explosive sense of pleasure. Or, It could be the elusive and almost mythical factor. Many people think it’s impossible or incredibly rare. But is that really true? And how to make a girl squirt, especially if she is cam model?

What is squirting really?

Squirting is the expulsion of a female ejaculate from the urethra during orgasm. And besides the fact that it feels amazing, we don’t actually know much more. There is heated debate amongst people and scientists as to what female ejaculate actually is. Some claim that when women squirt, they are actually losing control of their bladder, and essentially peeing. But the women that actually possess the gift of squirting say otherwise. Both the women that squirt and the men and women that witness it, say that female ejaculate definitely does not have the same look, texture, or smell as pee. So how could it possibly be the same thing?

Some women cannot squirt, that’s a fact. No matter how often they try, it’s just not going to happen for them. And that’s totally ok. But other women say that they experience squirting regularly. In a major study done by a research team in France, evidence shows that nearly half of all sexually active women have claimed to have squirted at least once during a sexual encounter. And what makes it so interesting, is that there isn’t always a powerful expulsion of fluid, erupting like a fountain. Some women say that when they squirt, there are just a few drops of liquid that escape. So the possibility remains that there may be large numbers of women out there, that don’t even realize they possess the power of squirting.

How to make a girl squirt - It’s definitely worth a try

You can’t ask just any girl on the street if she wants to squirt for you, so if you don’t already have a woman in your life, one of the best methods for giving this enticing experiment a try, is to ask your favorite cam site model. If she is open to experimenting and you have her consent, then you both can get started on setting out on a new and rather wet adventure.

How to make it happen

According to Carol Queen, the staff sexologist and researcher at Good Vibrations in San Francisco, nearly any woman can squirt if she wants to. But first, you’ll have to find the oh so talked, G-spot.  When a woman squirts, scientiststs think that it’s due to the stimulation of the “skenes gland” which is located just outside of the vaginal and very close to the area that would be her G-spot. Surly that your favorite cam model knows where her G-spot is, but in case you were wondering, the G-spot is found along the front, inner wall of the vagina, a few inches up, about a third of the way deep.

So, how to make it happen? How to make a girl squirt? The key to reaching a phenomenal squirt is to apply pressure to the G-spot in just the right way. In order to achieve this, it’s recommended to use plenty of lube and a toy, long enough to reach the special spot, and vibration and other stimulating factors will only help out your cause. Toys like vibrators with attached clit suckers can work wonders. But preference is also key, so ask your cam model to choose her favorite toy, as the journey to squirting will be solely focused on her pleasure. It’s important for women to feel completely relaxed and comfortable. This is because it’s absolutely necessary for her muscles to completely relax in order for her to release her female ejaculate liquid.

Ask your partner or cam model how she likes to be talked to, and tell her all the things she wants to hear. Make her feel desired if that’s what she wants, and don’t stop until she says. Even if it takes a while, don’t give up! With the right amount of time and a hot enough conversation, she will eventually climax. If she’s using enough lube, the right toys, and applying the right amount of pressure to her G-spot and skene’s gland, then things could potentially get messy.

To squirt or not to squirt, both options are ok

As mentioned previously, not every single woman on earth is capable of squirting. If you have both tried, and no squirting occurred, do not get frustrated around the idea that you don’t know how to make a girl squirt, don’t sweat it! Squirting isn’t always related to how great an orgasm is. Even if no squirting happens, the live cam sex can still be incredible. And if the squirting did happen, then congratulations! Maybe you’ve found your new favorite cam site model.